November 27, 2009

We Moved!

We are finally in our new home. The first two nights we were without heat. Apparently there was a misunderstanding with Southwest Gas as to when they'd turn it on. Night One was the coldest. We woke up multiple times throughout the night to make sure all the boys were covered. We could use bricks to hold down Josef's covers, but he'd still find a way to kick them off.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with family. Everyone went to bed early and everyone slept hard on Night Two. We still have lots of little things at the old house that need to be moved over the next few days. Our new garage is much smaller, so we're trying to figure out where bikes and strollers will go!

The big boys love the new house and all the room they have to play. The little ones echo "Da Da" to each other all through the house. It's really cute. Ambrose is still in his cast until January. His feeding issues continue, as does his reflux. We try to work with his oral aversion everyday by offering small amounts of baby food on his tongue and lips. He may end up eating baby food first and then learning how to suck later. He is also still on oxygen. Last week we did an overnight pulse ox study. He went from 7pm to 5am without the use of the oxygen tanks. He did really really well. His O2 sats were around 91-93% all night. That is great progress! We don't want to rush him, but we're hoping to have him off the oxygen in the next few months. He's really cute when we take off his nasal cannula and get to squeeze his little cheeks.

Thanks to all the family members that helped us move this week. We greatly appreciate it!

November 02, 2009


Blue Power Ranger - John Paul

Lightening McQueen - Josef
with Luigi - Uncle Rigo
Darth Vader - Charlie
Yoda - Ambrose