August 20, 2011

Surgery Rescheduled

Ambrose's fundoplication procedure has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 1st, and he should discharge the following day, allowing Labor Day weekend for recovery at home. Since his initial appointment with the surgeon, we have gone back to feeding him a high calorie homemade blended formula. He is tolerating it better, not throwing up as much or as often, as when he was on the pediasure. However he has not gained any weight. He expends so many calories repairing the damage caused by the reflux and aspiration, which is what the surgery is intended to solve.

John Paul recently started 1st grade and is doing well - only one visit to the dean's office for fighting at recess.

Josef started at a Catholic Montessori preschool and is very proud to be going to school like a big boy now.

Charlie is figuring out how to get into and on top of everything. He slithers his hand between "baby proofed" cabinet doors, fetches a stool so he can reach things on the counter, I even caught him climbing the bookshelf (good thing they've been anchored to the wall).

Ambrose is very interested in letters and numbers and likes to announce what aisle we are on in the grocery store, and point out the circle"K" or "U"haul or "M"cDonalds from his car seat.

Peter has recently figured out how to get food into his own mouth, which is a relief because the older boys were getting tired of their "Peter Feeder" duties. He's so proficient, in fact, he's only a pound lighter than Ambrose, and 5 lbs less than Charlie. We've been asked more than once if they're triplets.