March 28, 2010

Today Myra was transferred back to the rehabilitation facility. She is looking forward to resuming her therapies.

March 26, 2010

Many many things have happened in the last week. My mom has been doing great in the ICU. She has her ups and downs, but, overall, she's beginning to get her strength back. A few days back she had a chest tube inserted to drain fluid. They first drained 1200cc and then another 1200cc the next day. Suction was then added to remove the air that had gathered around her left lung. Thursday night her pulmonologist did a pleurodesis on her lung at her bedside. It was similar to what was done on her right lung, but without the need to be in the operating room. Also, she had a port placed in her chest to receive meds and, eventually, to receive chemotherapy.

Today I visited with her and she was in great spirits. She was even weaned off the oxygen! Amazing turnaround. She's been doing physical therapy in the ICU as well! Soon she may return to the Rehab facility, which she prefers to the hospital. The oncologist would like to begin treatment on the cancer as soon as my mom's strong enough. It was also mentioned that the source of the cancer may be pointing to the pancreas and not to the breast as originally thought.

We continue to pray for her recovery and hope she continues to get stronger. Thanks again for the wonderful outreach and concern for her. Keep praying!


P.S. All the boys are doing well. Colds are almost gone. Charlie has a huge shiner on his forehead. Ambrose is trying to crawl. Josef is afraid of the Chick-fil-A cow. John Paul continues to be the inquisitive one with all the questions. He'll be five next month! The two big boys can really make those little boys laugh!

March 11, 2010

Over the weekend, Myra had many visitors from near and far, out-of-state and overseas (Spain). We're not sure if it's related to the support from her visitors or from all the prayers, but she seems to have rallied. Myra is in good spirits and has a lot more energy. She was moved from the ICU to Palliative care earlier this week, and last night was moved to a rehabilitation facility. She is eating, even feeding herself and doing some physical therapy; rolling over and sitting on the edge of the bed, etc. Her overall demeanor is very positive. No one really has an explanation.

Last week she was given 2-4 days to live. They disconnected the monitors, discharged the high-powered antibiotics, and pulled the chest tube. After the grim report the doctors gave us last week, we had started to do research on funeral arrangements. The doctors did not seem to think she would make it through the weekend. We then met with the Palliative care nurse to arrange a Hospice transition. But, after a night of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, she rebounded and started to gain some strength. You could see the change in her eyes. She was no longer being heavily drugged for the pain and was even able to get her smile and humor back. She will now receive three hours of physical therapy every day. She will meet with doctors as needed.

Thanks for the continued concern, support, and prayers.

March 05, 2010

A biopsy Tuesday showed that Myra has stage 4 cancer in her right lung and is not well enough for the doctors to treat it. She is alternating between a Bi pap machine and high-flow nasal cannula to assist her in breathing. A respirator would be the next step, but in Myra's case, this would be considered extraordinary means, and would only serve to prolong her suffering. Because of this Myra has requested not to be put on a respirator, she also has authorized a "Do Not Resuscitate" order. The doctors say it is day by day now.

Myra is awake and alert and aware of what is happening, and is enjoying her many visitors, including several from out of state and abroad. The hospital has allowed her grandchildren to visit and she enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to see them.

There is precious little time left and the family appreciates your continued prayers as this is obviously a very difficult time for all of us. Please pray that Myra has a peaceful transition to her heavenly home. God bless you. Thanks again for all the prayers. We greatly appreciate them.