March 05, 2010

A biopsy Tuesday showed that Myra has stage 4 cancer in her right lung and is not well enough for the doctors to treat it. She is alternating between a Bi pap machine and high-flow nasal cannula to assist her in breathing. A respirator would be the next step, but in Myra's case, this would be considered extraordinary means, and would only serve to prolong her suffering. Because of this Myra has requested not to be put on a respirator, she also has authorized a "Do Not Resuscitate" order. The doctors say it is day by day now.

Myra is awake and alert and aware of what is happening, and is enjoying her many visitors, including several from out of state and abroad. The hospital has allowed her grandchildren to visit and she enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to see them.

There is precious little time left and the family appreciates your continued prayers as this is obviously a very difficult time for all of us. Please pray that Myra has a peaceful transition to her heavenly home. God bless you. Thanks again for all the prayers. We greatly appreciate them.



  1. Hi Ryan,
    This is Allison - a friend of Linda's from St. Tims. I just wanted to say that I have been praying for your mother and family during these difficult days.

  2. Hi Ryan and family.
    We have Myra and your family in our minds.We cannot be phisically there,but we have you in our hearts.
    Gemma,from Spain

  3. Just came to the site to check in. I love the picture you've posted - it makes me smile. We continue to think of you all. -The Sottoway Family in Portland (friends of the Iker-Lopez gang).