March 11, 2010

Over the weekend, Myra had many visitors from near and far, out-of-state and overseas (Spain). We're not sure if it's related to the support from her visitors or from all the prayers, but she seems to have rallied. Myra is in good spirits and has a lot more energy. She was moved from the ICU to Palliative care earlier this week, and last night was moved to a rehabilitation facility. She is eating, even feeding herself and doing some physical therapy; rolling over and sitting on the edge of the bed, etc. Her overall demeanor is very positive. No one really has an explanation.

Last week she was given 2-4 days to live. They disconnected the monitors, discharged the high-powered antibiotics, and pulled the chest tube. After the grim report the doctors gave us last week, we had started to do research on funeral arrangements. The doctors did not seem to think she would make it through the weekend. We then met with the Palliative care nurse to arrange a Hospice transition. But, after a night of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, she rebounded and started to gain some strength. You could see the change in her eyes. She was no longer being heavily drugged for the pain and was even able to get her smile and humor back. She will now receive three hours of physical therapy every day. She will meet with doctors as needed.

Thanks for the continued concern, support, and prayers.


  1. Well I think it was from God's message to me to go and pray the Rosary with Myra :)
    I knew i had to get there and pray over her and then God would take care of the rest. I am so happy that Myra isn't going anywhere yet. God Bless you all

  2. i have been thinking of her every day. i've been really sick with a nasty head cold so i'm trying to get healthy so i can come visit soon. are kids allowed in the new facility? just hoping i can come on saturday. please let me know. my phone number is in Myra's phone.
    ~Nicole Thompson

  3. I was browsing through Facebook and decided to put "Ryan Iker" in the search engine to see how my little babies "Ryan & Reagan" turned out as I used to babysit them both when they were very small in Cincinnati Ohio....Myra was my "2nd mother" and pointed me in the right direction many times when I almost lost my way as a young teenager...She sewed my variety show costume for drill team and was a huge driving force behind my creative self as a young woman... Please give her my love from Dana Vitkow...
    I am sad, yet joyful that she will soon be with God.
    Hello to Gene..
    Prayers and Blessings
    Dana Vitkow Haan
    Cincinnati Ohio