January 08, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We hope the new year finds you well. Our boys were very excited for Christmas this year, even Peter figured out how to get his gifts unwrapped. Games and puzzles, books and movies, rockets, swords and science experiments... should keep them busy until Groundhog's Day. The big family gift this year was a piano. It's increased the sound level so the neighbors eight houses down can now hear us!

We all had the last two weeks of the year off from work and school to get some much needed rest and relaxation. No, wait - that must be some other family I was thinking of. We did get to spend some family time together, and the weather between Christmas and New Year's was warm and sunny.

Ambrose's hip has not developed as we had hoped it would, despite the series of harness, cast, and brace. It will require surgery to correct the shape of the socket, and another six to twelve weeks in a full-body cast, similar to what he had when he was eight months old. He is healthy and gaining weight, though, so he should recover well. He is still tube-fed, but will taste and chew just about anything, and is swallowing liquids. He would prefer not to swallow solid food; it may be that his fundoplication has made it uncomfortable to do so. He was also recently fitted with glasses, for nearsightedness and astigmatism, but he prefers not to wear them. Ambrose is very happy, laughing often and heartily, and incredibly smart: sounding out and reading short words, humming long and rather complex melodies.

Charlie is quite the chatterbox, very strong-willed, and climbing on top of everything. He usually wakes us up very early announcing, "I waked up!" and can usually be caught mistreating his younger brothers, pushing them down and taking their toys away. He's quick to apologize and offer a hug and kiss, though not the stolen toy of course. Recently, upon visiting the local cemetery with Ryan, he was quick to point out all of Winnie the Poo's honey pots in the glass mausoleum.

Peter is not saying much, but generally gets his point across grunting, screeching, and pointing. He loves his big brothers, and isn't likely to sit out a wrestling match, usually top dog on every pile.

John Paul and Josef are back to school. John Paul gave a class presentation on wolves: types, habitats, behaviors, etc. He was very pleased with his work, and we are proud of him.

Josef is not very forthcoming with what goes on at his school, we're starting to wonder if they're learning anything at all. Every once in a while if the right word or phrase is uttered in his presence, the information just comes spilling out of him. "Solar System" most recently, and he was off and I couldn't keep up. He's also been known to turn into the Incredible Hulk when wrestling with John Paul and never shies away from a good sword fight.