January 03, 2010

Happy New Year, Indeed!

John Paul's CA trip

Well, Ambrose is out of the spica cast and into a Wheaton brace, which allows his knees and ankles to move but keeps his hips stabilized. We are all much happier now that he can bathe and be diapered and sit in a bouncy chair and high chair.

Several weeks ago we changed his enteral feeds over to goat's milk. Before that he was taking two different prescription drugs for reflux and was still throwing up just about every feed. We tried several types of hypoallergenic formulas, and when we realized virtually all of them are dairy-based, we thought it wouldn't hurt to try the goat's milk (Mommy's milk wasn't working for him either by the way - probably because Mommy drinks cow's milk).

Now he keeps everything down, has good healthy stool (makes his Mommy so proud), is sleeping better, gaining weight, doing long division, and speaking Russian. So we fired his worthless GI specialist and took him off the reflux meds and he's as happy as we've ever seen him. And I don't think it is a coincidence that he is now interested in table food (as you can see from the picture). We feed the twins together and facing each other so Ambrose can watch Charlie and learn to eat from a professional. The only problem is the little hog protests when we feed Ambrose in front of him.