March 24, 2012

introducing... Jack!

we built him (or her) a burrow

March 08, 2012


Ambrose's surgery went very well, a cast won't be necessary, just the brace to immobilize the joint. He's alert, eating and drinking, watching TV, playing with an iPad. He and Dad will camp out at the hospital overnight, and come home tomorrow.

March 07, 2012

Hip Surgery for Ambrose

Please keep Ambrose in your prayers, he will be having surgery on his hip this Thursday, March 8. The procedure is going to correct Ambrose's displaced hip once and for all. The pelvic side of the hip joint has not formed properly (it is flat instead of concave), so the doctor is going to graft a wedge of bone into the pelvis above the joint, sculpting it into the proper "socket" shape. The image below shows the bone graft coming from the top of the pelvis, but Ambrose will be receiving donor bone instead. The surgery will require general anesthesia, an overnight stay, as well as a body cast for 8 to 12 weeks. We will update after he comes out of surgery.