October 25, 2009

At the Park

Ambrose is happy enough in the spica cast. He has little outbursts of fury every so often; it must be very frustrating for him. Diapering and positioning him are the biggest challenges. Thank you to the Cady Family for Ambrose's Cast Cooler; he likes a good vacuuming at least once a day. He is still experiencing frequent vomiting (2-3 times a day) so he's on two reflux meds, but I'm convinced it's more related to the oral aversion and his gag reflex than reflux.

Charlie is a hog with the baby food: cereal, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, meat, anything you put in or near his mouth. He will hardly nurse or take a bottle - he wants big boy food!
Josef is almost always happy and is such a little joy. And he will eat anything too. I've never seen a kid eat mushrooms before! He is talking so much more lately, using and misusing little phrases he picks up here and there (some that we wish he hadn't).

John Paul is really enjoying school and soccer. However he has a hard time obeying the first time, and "if Mommy has to ask all her boys five times, that would be twenty times." He does better if I appeal to his senses of responsibility and purpose. For instance, this week he's the man of the house while Daddy is in Kansas for work.

We're looking to close on our new house in the next week or so. It's more than 2,800 square feet with 4 bedrooms plus a loft, and a pantry as big as our minivan. We're very excited and hope to be moved in by Thanksgiving. It's a much longer commute to work (30 miles versus 4), and we'll wear out our CD player listening to books and lectures and learning foreign languages, but it's definitely worth it considering the space and the price.

That fire hydrant is absolutely going to get run over


October 10, 2009

Thank you to whoever left guerrilla fruit and chocolate on our porch!

October 06, 2009

Spica Cast

last bath


new carseat

The procedure went well. Ambrose's little hip went right into place with a satisfying "pop!" said his ortho, which means the socket is the right shape, we just have to wait for his muscles and soft tissues to tighten up. Should be about January.

He has a special spica car seat with no sides and is double diapered, one inside one outside, and a hole for his g-tube. He looks a little like a cross between cookie monster and a potted plant. The hard part will be keeping the inside of his cast clean and dry, especially around the diaper area.
Ambrose is a little cranky, probably has some soreness while his muscles surrounding the joint get used to their new arrangement, but the procedure did not require any cutting, just an injection and general anesthesia.

Thank you for all your prayers, and we welcome any Halloween costume ideas for Ambrose.

October 03, 2009

Go Fish

John Paul left home real early this morning with his Dad and Godfather to try his luck fishing. He had a great time and returned home just in time for dinner, which he brought home for Mom to clean and cook. They were mighty tastey little creatures!

Speaking of little creatures, Ambrose's procedure is early Tuesday (10/6) morning. Please keep him in your prayers and check back here for updates.

In other news, our offer has been accepted! We hope to be moved into our very nice and very big house by Thanksgiving.