October 06, 2009

Spica Cast

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new carseat

The procedure went well. Ambrose's little hip went right into place with a satisfying "pop!" said his ortho, which means the socket is the right shape, we just have to wait for his muscles and soft tissues to tighten up. Should be about January.

He has a special spica car seat with no sides and is double diapered, one inside one outside, and a hole for his g-tube. He looks a little like a cross between cookie monster and a potted plant. The hard part will be keeping the inside of his cast clean and dry, especially around the diaper area.
Ambrose is a little cranky, probably has some soreness while his muscles surrounding the joint get used to their new arrangement, but the procedure did not require any cutting, just an injection and general anesthesia.

Thank you for all your prayers, and we welcome any Halloween costume ideas for Ambrose.


  1. Hi Mrs. Iker! I'm so glad the operation went well! The only ideas costume ideas I was able to come up with were the cookie monster (which you probably already did), an adorable little teddy bear (or other animal), spiderman, the obvious pumpkin, superman, Blue (from Blues Clues even though Blue is technically a girl), a Care Bear, a dragon/dinosaur, a giant M&M, & an octopus. Sorry my ideas aren't more creative, but hope they help (I would say wrap him in tinfoil & call him leftovers, but that would probably be very uncomfortable for him). --Xochitl :)

  2. how about a smurf? put a white hat on him :)

    he has to have it on till January?! oh that sucks. I pray the time goes by smoothly and quickly and his little hip heals perfectly.
    ~Nicole T.

  3. How about a Blue Man???

  4. I love that you said, 'he looks like a cross between the cookie monster and a potted plant'. Classic!

    My son has spent loads of time in the spica cast. Yikes!~ He has psuedoarthrosis of the tibia and fibula so a big difference in the reason he styled in the spica...but yeah, it sucked.