February 26, 2010

Please pray for Ryan's mother, Myra Iker. She was admitted to Mercy Gilbert Med Ctr from the ER on Ash Wednesday when they couldn't find a pulse in her very sore right foot, which had been broken for some time. The culprits turned out to be blood clots, which have done enough damage to her leg, to require mid-calf amputation. She also had her right lung collapse, while in the hospital. Over 30oz of fluid was removed from around her lung, which was analyzed and found to harbor evidence of cancer. Myra is a 12 year breast cancer survivor, but three weeks ago she had surgery to remove cancer from her bladder. Her Oncologist thinks the cancer is systemic and could be behind all of her current problems. The amputation will provide relief from the pain of her "dead" foot, so that she may fight the cancer more comfortably.

The amputation went well today. It was made about 6-7 inches above her ankle. This evening she was in a lot of pain, but the doctors and the nurses found the right balance for her pain management. Saturday she will have her lung tapped to get some of the fluid out. Possibly Monday or Tuesday they will do a larger procedure to remove the rest of the fluid and do a biopsy of the lung to determine if the cancer is in the lung or not. Once the pain was under control tonight she was in good spirits.

Please pray that Myra is able to courageously and cheerfully accept God's Holy Will for her, and that He may comfort her and our family during this time of trial.

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