February 15, 2009

1 Week Old!

Gina feeding Ambrose.

Well, the boys have made it through one week of life! We were very excited to see the boys today and to be bedside as the clock hit 5:01 and 5:02pm.

This weekend they celebrated St. Valentine's Day with decorative blankets and Charles even had a red cap! They've dealt with so much this past week. The ups and downs are still hard for us to get used to. As soon as things begin to look good, then one of the boys takes a small step backwards.

In the last few days, Charles has been receiving milk every three hours. He started at 1cc and was increased every 12 hours. Today he was going up to 6cc per feeding. There was some concern that his stomach was distended and some thought he had Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) with bowel loops. After an x-ray was performed, it was determined that he was quite backed-up with stool and gas. The plan was to give him a glycerine suppository today to "free" him up. Also, he had his central line removed and now has a PICC line, through which he receives all his meds.

A couple days ago, Ambrose was taken off the Oscillator and placed on a standard vent. He tolerated it for a small amount of time, but the decision was made to move him to a Jet Vent. He is currently receiving 420 breaths per minute. The doctor also told us that he has Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema (PIE), which is a leakage of air from alveoli into the pulmonary interstitium, lymphatics, or subpleural space, that occurs in infants who are being treated with mechanical ventilation. Today we were told that the PIE is getting a little better, due to some positioning of Ambrose's body and some changes to his ventillation, but it is still a concern. If this wasn't enough to deal with in itself, we were next told that he also may have a Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). Simply, he has a blood vessel in his heart that has failed to close after birth and is sending blood from the aorta to the pulmonary artery.

On the bright side, Ambrose is no longer on the Nitric and had his chest tube removed the other day. His O2 fluctuates throughout the day, but he is most comfortable at around 30-35%. He has been receiving 1cc of milk since yesterday and seems to be tolerating it. He is still receiving Lipids, TPN, and antibiotics. Gina was able to change him today and give him his 1cc of milk. He had good bowels and even had consistent stools, which, given all the excitement over it, must be a very good thing!

Thanks again for all the prayers, especially all those from around the world. This afternoon we heard a wonderful story of school children in Granada, Spain praying for Gina and the babies. How beautiful is the power of prayer! Also, there have been numerous Masses offered for the boys. Today at Mass they were mentioned in the Prayers of the Faithful and brought tears to Gina's eyes. We continue to pray for each of you and your families.


  1. Gina and Ryan,
    I am a friend of Linda A., and she told me about your boys. I have been following your blog, and just wanted to let you know that you and especially the twins are in my thoughts and prayers. A Mass was offered for them this past Saturday at the Miles Jesu community in Phoenix. Praise God! Keep trusting in Him. :)
    In His love,
    Lindsay Brennan

  2. Wow! That's wonderful. We love Miles Jesu. Thanks for all the prayers, Lindsay!