March 25, 2009

Intermediate Care

Daddy gives Ambrose a bath.

Charlie in cowboy horsey-feet jammies.

The twins have officially graduated from the NyICU!
They are now living in the Intermediate Care room down the hall, for "growers and feeders".

Both boys are pros taking milk from a bottle: Charlie 4 times a day, which is half of his feedings, and Ambrose did very well with his first attempt to bottle feed tonight, taking about 12mL in 20 minutes. Daddy was there to feed him and give him a bath tonight. Ryan was very excited to hold Ambrose for the first time. He tolerated it very well and seemed to like being out of his bed doing "big boy" things. Ambrose didn't seem to mind either ;)

Mommy returned to work today. I received a very warm welcome from everyone. All the attention was a little overwhelming after coming out of hiding, but the day went very well and I came home exhausted.

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