March 11, 2009

Kangarooing Ambrose

The boys are one month old and doing very well. It is really amazing how things have progressed over the last three months. So many people have described our ordeal as miraculous. One nurse told me that when she heard that Ambrose had ruptured at 20 weeks and wasn't born until 28 and then survived to 32 without any brain bleeds, she was amazed.

I was finally able to kangaroo Ambrose on Tuesday for the first time and he tolerated it very well. He is taking 24 mL of breast milk 8 times a day, and weighs 2 lbs 12 oz. Charlie is taking 26 mL and is 3 lbs now. They both take their feedings through tubes, but soon Charlie will start to learn to use a bottle. Hopefully Ambrose will come off the ventilator soon and then he can start to learn to use a bottle as well. They don't develop the skill to suck, swallow, and breathe until about 34 week’s gestation.
Evening Update:

Today the boys had an eye examination and it sounds like everything looked good. They will be tested every two weeks from here forward. The nurse said that it's almost unbearable for them to watch the eye examination, because, after numbing the eyeball, the doctor uses a metal tool to "grab" the eye. She said the boys did really well throughout the exam and didn't need much O2 assistance.

Gina received an email today from her mother in Jerusalem, where she has recently been on pilgrimage visiting many sites of the Holy Land. She let us know that she went to the Western Wall or "Wailing Wall" and placed pictures of the twins and prayers into one of the cracks in the wall. Now their intentions have been placed near to where our beloved Pope John Paul II prayed in 2000. Which reminds me...let's not forget to keep Pope Benedict in our prayers as he will travel to the Holy Land in May.

So many people have told us that they are praying for the boys and that they often check the blog to find out how the boys are doing. We've heard there are lots out there: prayer groups, prayer chains, parishes, co-workers, Gina's students, friends and family all over the country, the city of New Haven, CT apparently!, friends in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Turkey, and so many people we've never met, all hoping for these little boys to pull through and make it home. We are greatly humbled and our hearts have been forever transformed by the love and concern that we have received for our little babies.

If anyone wishes to come visit the boys, just email us and let us know. Gina will return to work on March 25.

Congratulations to Jalen and Irene on their recent engagement!

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  1. They both look so cute. Little but cute. They are really hanging in and in each picture they look stronger and more alert. I know you are tired. Maybe we will send Granny out to cook cornbread and turnip greens soon. Take care. Karen Scott