April 12, 2009

First Easter

Ambrose has had a harder time breathing over the last week than the previous few. His lungs are still looking pretty bad on the x-ray, they seem to be carrying a lot of fluid. The doctors are treating for infection with antibiotics, even though infection has not yet been confirmed. He is also sedated so that he can rest and not fight with his ventilator. It is very discouraging for us to see him take a sudden dive like this, after all the progress he has made. He may just be weary and fatigued from fighting so hard for so long. Or it may be side effects from his immunizations. Whatever it is, he is very sick and our hearts are breaking for him.

Josef with his Easter basket.

John Paul splashing.


  1. Hi, my name is Karen. I was blog hopping and found your blog. The pictures touched my heart. I have been reading your story for the past hour or so. I pray God will heal Ambrose and bring him home very soon. God Bless you.

  2. Our prayers are with your family and especially little Ambrose.
    They are just beautiful.
    Love, Nellie

  3. God Bless your sweet innocent children. I used to love to watch my girls play in the rain. We are praying for Ambrose, you are a special family.