April 21, 2009

Charlie's lovin' home

The twins are ten weeks old and their due date is a few weeks away yet.

Charles is happy to be home and eats and sleeps like a champ (like his mom). He weighed 5lbs 4oz on Friday and will weigh again on Thursday when he goes in for his circumcision. He is just so tiny, especially now that he's out in the world among normal-sized things. He hid from Dad the other day: "Gina, where's the baby?" "In his crib." "No he's not. . . oh, here he is" (he had slithered into one of the corners). The big brothers haven't destroyed him yet, which is good. I think they forget he's even there, until he emerges for a meal. Then suddenly everybody needs Mommy. So they're having to adjust and take turns. I need one of those take-a-number spools like you see at the meat counter.

Ambrose has a long road home and still needs your fervent prayers. He is just worn out and taking a break until he can muster his strength to start fighting again. He weighs 4lb 12oz today.

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