May 11, 2009

Ambrose doing better

Early last week, Ambrose's nurse suspected that he may be refluxing so they did a barium swallow study. It was observed on the x-ray that he is aspirating his feeds (this is likely what caused him to develop pneumonia at Easter). He will still receive most of his nutrition through the feeding tube, but when he is willing to bottle feed, he can take breastmilk treated with simply thick. He will be able to swallow thinner liquids more successfully once his lungs are a little more mature. Babies have been discharged from the hospital on simply thick, so that won't be what keeps him in. He is still receiving breathing treatments and lot of support from the O2, but they are weaning him very cautiously.

On the homefront, everyone is a little bit healthier and a whole lot happier. Josef and Mommy have just about recovered from hand-foot-and-mouth disease and managed to keep it away from Charlie. Josef is getting more comfortable in his "big boy" bed, but still finds his way into our bed by morning. John Paul is looking forward to his summer break, which starts in a couple of weeks.

Mommy and Daddy snuck away for the weekend to a friend's wedding in Tucson. Gina spent an afternoon at the spa and in the morning we slept until almost 9:00! It was a much needed and much enjoyed getaway.

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