May 31, 2009

Charlie with Great-Grandma

Charlie watching Ambrose's mobile from his stroller

post-bath Ambrose

Well, Charlie has been doing very well at home, eating and sleeping like a champ and acting like a regular baby - like Pinnochio says, "I'm a real boy!" He has been in to visit Ambrose several times since his discharge and they both seem to enjoy it.

Ambrose has been doing a little better, he was able to wean to 1.5L high-flow oxygen down from 2. He has had some pretty impressive projectile vomit so his feedings have been changed. He gets the same amount (72cc) every four hours, but now it's continuous over the four hours instead of just one. So like his big brother, Josef, (and their mommy) he eats all day and all night long. In another week he'll repeat the barium swallow study to see if he is able to nipple-feed without aspirating the milk. Hopefully if he is able to breathe easier, that will resolve his feeding issues.

John Paul had his preschool graduation and ice cream social this Friday and immediately afterward he asked, "Do I have school tomorrow?" so I guess he didn't really get it. But he is looking forward to karate camp this summer.

Josef attended his first session at the Little Gym with Daddy this Saturday and will continue with that until August. He still repeats everything John Paul says and does. By the time I can ask John Paul to get down from the kitchen table, and he asks "why?" I can point to Josef (who has already crawled up there too) and say, "that's why!" But luckily some things he imitates are useful, he has shown an interest in using the potty and made his first successful attempt this week.

Most days the boys will be home with Mom this summer. We've got some homeschooling plans to keep them busy and there's plenty of local free activities - next week some firefighters will be at the Peter Piper Pizza.


  1. They are both so precious. love the story about the graduation and ice cream social... Nicole T.

  2. Thank you for sharing your blog with me. But even more, thank you for allowing me to care for your little ones. I admire your strength, and faith in God during this time of trial. You are truely the BEST parents ever and I believe that combination has made them do so well. It has been my pleasure to care for them.
    Nurse Terri

  3. Thank you for sharing with us. Your babies are precious. You are very blessed with four special sons to keep your lives full. We are blessed to read your stories and pray for you. God Bless all of you. Cheri (mother of a student)