January 28, 2009

26 weeks and counting

The babies have a significantly better chance of surviving now, but I'll try to stay pregnant for another six weeks if I can.
The bleeding has stopped and all is as well as can be expected. It was pretty scary while it lasted; I'd never seen so much blood before - outside of the movies. I thought someone had put a horse head in my hospital bed, a la the Godfather. But it miraculously stopped after a few hours without any medical intervention. Otherwise, if I started showing signs of shock or anemia from the blood loss, we would have had to get the babies out by cesarian.
A few days later, an ultrasound did show a small
abruption on one placenta, but couldn't tell to which baby it belongs. We'll just assume it was twin B because he's usually the one causing trouble (he takes after his oldest brother). Another test on Monday showed that the blood flow in both cords is good, so the abruption did not cause significant damage.
Tomorrow we will have another ultrasound and measure the little guys to compare the measurements to the last growth study from two weeks ago. They're sure to have grown, with their appetite; I can't even talk about food without getting them whipped up into a frenzy (they take after their Momma there).
I toured the Nursery ICU last week, I imagine we'll become familiar with it soon enough. Those tiny little babies are so sweet, some of them younger than mine. Please add them to your prayers, they all have a long road ahead of them. One of them was taking a ride in a swing - or at least I assume so, all I could see was a tiny bundle of blanket and a pink tuft of a crochet hat

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