January 16, 2009

One week down, ___ more to go.

After one week in the hospital, things are still looking good. An ultrasound yesterday showed that both babies are growing and developing normally. In fact, Baby B, who has always been a little smaller than A, has caught up, apparently unaffected by the loss of fluid in his sack. Lung development is still a concern, especially for B, but I have already received a round of steroids to help them out with that. They are very active little boys, much like their older brothers.
Speaking of which, I have enjoyed several visits from my big boys, whom I miss very much and who somehow manage to grow and change between visits. They like riding my bed up and down, pushing all the buttons they can find, and have figured out where I keep my secret cache of snacks. John Paul has asked, “When will Mommy not have to live at the hospital anymore?” but Ryan is such a good father, their very best friend and personal superhero, so I know my boys are well taken care of and delighted to have him all to themselves…for now. In a few months it will be more like: “When can Mommy and the babies go back to the hospital?”
John Paul may not be the only one asking either; I’m trying not to get too used to this idleness, but I’m afraid it suits me all too well. I never had so much time to devote to resting and eating and doing all sorts of other things that aren’t important enough to make time for in real life. I have a private room, books, internet, all the food I can eat... I’m going to end up like the
700-pound man, they’re going to have to knock down walls to get me out of here.

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