February 22, 2009

Charles awake and with Gina

Today we were told that Ambrose's right lung was not functioning at all. There was no air and it had possibly collapsed. The nurse told us they were going to go ahead with the procedure (Selective Intubation) that was cancelled last week. They moved his breathing tube lower into his right main bronchial to reinflate the right lung. His left lung was then expected to collapse. After they did the procedure, we were able to view the x-ray. It appeared there was a small amount of air in the right lung, but the doctor still had to review it. The left still looked bad, but not like the right.

Charles had an evaluation today by a Physical Therapist and an Occupational Therapist. His right foot turns outward to the left and should be flexing straight up and down. It's just a small movement that he does and could have been caused by his position in the uterus. They are going to have him in a splint for two hours and then off for two hours throughout the day to see if that helps.

Gina was able to hold Charles a few times this weekend. Today he had his eyes open for her and even groaned as she went to put him back into his isolette. He was very cute.

We hope to find out more information on the plan of care for Ambrose's lungs.

God bless you.

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