February 26, 2009

Yesterday Ambrose switched from a Jet Ventilator to a conventional vent. We went to the hospital during the switch-over and great care was taken while the vents were swapped out. His pressure is still a little high, but he seems to be tolerating it. The team is monitoring him closely, in case it's too much for him. This is a great sign of progress for Ambrose. The morning nurse told us that he didn't have any breathing problems all night. She even mentioned that Gina may be able to hold him today!

He is up to 5cc of milk every 3 hours, with only a little residual and spit-up last night, so they skipped one of his feedings.

Charles is still doing very good. He had his PICC line removed a couple days ago. He is at full feeds with 24 cal fortifiers and caffeine.


  1. Gina and Ryan I forwarded your blog to our church members last week, they continue to pray for all of you and ask me each week about the babies. I wanted them to see them so they could understand how the prayers are working. Love ya hang in there. Karen Scott

  2. My dear Gina and Ryan,
    Your blog is absolutely fabulous. In spite of this great challenge you are facing I can still sense your wonderful sense of humor that particularily drew me to you both. (And your extreme faithfullness and willingness to remain open to God's plan.) It really is remarkable. I put the picture of you both with Pope Benedict up on my mirror in my bedroom so that I am reminded to pray for you. When I was at mass yesterday they sang the song, "Strength for the journey". I though of you the whole time. I think I may have even squeaked out tear or two. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and turn to Him, for he is your strength through this journey. Sincerely, Sharon Vega (RN at St. Joes).