March 31, 2009

Brothers Reunited

Charlie and Ambrose are together again for the first time in almost seven weeks! They spent most of the afternoon catching up and reminiscing about old times.

Since they can both maintain a normal body temperature in room air, they were moved to an open crib. Also, both were weaned from the caffeine today which had been helping to keep them from having apnea spells or dropping their heart rates; the doctor thinks they should do fine without it now.

Proud Big Brother

Charlie with his Daddy
Charlie has been taking all of his feedings from a bottle, but he still has the feeding tube in place for when he gets too tuckered out to finish all 36mL. His nasal canula has been removed and he may be ready to come home in a few weeks.

Ambrose with his Mommy
Ambrose has been taking his feedings from a bottle several times a day. He needs to take all his feeds and be weaned from the oxygen before he can come home.


  1. It is so great to see that the boys are doing so well. Thanks be to God!!! Many prayers of thanksgiving...
    God bless you both and ALL the boys,
    Lindsay Brennan

  2. So sweet!
    -Adrienne H.

  3. Everyone looks really good. Gina rest so you have energy to take care of so many boys...

    Karen Scott

  4. Gina,
    We could have sent the boys a Sundrop to share to give them lots of caffeine if we had only known!
    They are so cute. The photo of John Paul and Charlie together is great.
    Love, Nancie