April 07, 2009

2 Months Old!

Ambrose and Charlie with Grandma Iker

Charlie with Grandma Randall

Charlie with Aunt Regan

Josef gives Ambrose his binky

Charlie is getting his vaccines this week and may soon be ready to come home. Monday they said maybe on Wednesday; Tuesday they say maybe on Friday. One nurse told me not to count on him coming home until he's actually in our car and we're driving away. Either way, it means he's doing well, like my mom said, "almost like a real baby." He's taking 60mL breastmilk every 4 hours and is allowed to breastfeed, "when mom is available" is what it says in his chart - sorry, Ryan. His first attempt went very well, he latched easily and nursed for longer than I expected. He is weighing 4lbs 9oz now and is 16.5" long.

Ambrose takes 35mL breastmilk every 3 hours by tube, weighs 4lbs 5oz and is 15.5 in long. He had been taking two steps forward until this weekend when he took one step back. His breathing was labored so his O2 and liter flow were increased. That didn't seem to help much so he's been receiving breathing treatments of albuterol every 6 hours. An echocardiogram was performed Monday which showed that the PDA has closed and the pressure in his heart is normal. Better that the problem be respiratory and not metabolic because the lungs recover more easily than the heart. He was also given another blood transfusion so that the additional red blood cells could help him to circulate the O2 more effeciently. That seemed to help and he is doing a little better Tuesday. He will receive his vaccines starting Wednesday.

Their Great-Grandparents Towry are driving in this week from Alabama to visit and spend Easter with them.

Have a blessed Holy Week and a wonderful Easter!

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