July 18, 2009

Ambrose Readmitted to Hospital

Today we took Ambrose to St. Joseph's Emergency Room, due to low O2 saturation levels. Last night and this morning he was having difficulty staying in the 90's and would dip down to the low 70's. He was also unusually fussy. Gina called the pediatrician and he told us to get Ambrose to the E.R. immediately. I took him at 11am and, after evaluating him, the doctor said he may have caught a cold that Gina and Charles had. Fortunately, one of his primary nurses from the NICU, Terri, was working and came down to comfort our little crying boy. She really was a godsend. Ambrose was crying and hard to soothe in the E.R., but when Terri held him he went limp on her shoulder, calming down immediately. It was really sweet! He had only been home with us for 8 days, but he still remembered her. He loves his primaries!

He was finally admitted to the Pediatric Unit around 4:30pm with Respiratory Distress and Hypoxia. He had a number of tests performed on him, which he seemed to tolerate pretty well. He originally discharged on 1/8 liter of O2, but he was bumped up to 1/2 lpm in the hospital. Gina arrived around 7pm to relieve me and will spend the night with Ambrose. Hopefully, he will feel better in the morning and they will begin to wean his O2. Before I left he looked really well and seemed happy, even smiling at times.

One thing the doctor mentioned was that it isn't uncommon for preemie NICU babies to return to the hospital about a week after discharging. I think I was more comforted by the result of Ambrose's x-ray, which showed that his lungs had no sign of pneumonia. I was told you could still see where the damage was from his chronic lung disease, but, overall, his lungs looked good.

We'll keep you posted on his status. Thanks for all the prayers and support. It's all greatly appreciated. Ryan

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