July 15, 2009

Bath Time!

John Paul took this picture:

Josef's self portrait:

The last few days have been exciting and crazy in the Iker house! We're so happy to have Ambrose home with us. He's doing really well and has even gained a few ounces since his discharge. The feedings are pretty tricky though. He eagerly takes about half of each feed from the bottle, but tires easily and takes the rest through the G-tube. We're still trying to find the right balance with the bottle and the pump. He sleeps most of the day and night, with a few active waking hours during the day when he smiles and talks and looks around. He enjoys watching the older boys run around and wrestle on the floor, but cringes when they scream or shout! Well, we cringe too, so he'll have to adjust!

He had an appointment with the pediatrician on Monday and will go back again next week. We will continue to discuss Ambrose's feedings and his oxygen and work out a plan of care for him at home. Our priorities are to wean him from the oxygen and get him to take more from the bottle. If he's able to gain more weight, then he'll create new lung tissue, which will grow new alveoli and assist his breathing.

Gina came down with a cold a couple days ago and now Charlie has picked it up. He was pitiful this morning, but has been sleeping most of the day. Hopefully, he'll beat it quickly! Charlie is such a sweet little boy. He smiles and giggles when he sees us or when he's tickled. Grandma Iker found his tickle spots...shoulders and thighs! Ambrose is also smiling and cooing. He recognizes our faces and enjoys having the older boys talk to him.

Ambrose also started home care this week. He had his first nursing visit on Tuesday. The nurse will come every week to check on him and make sure everything is well with his Mic-key button.
Upcoming appointments include:
weekly pediatric, and at-home nursing visits
AZ Early Intervention will be evaluating Ambrose for developmental disability,
opthalmologist for the twins because their eyes tend to cross sometimes,
hip ultrasound for Ambrose, his right hip is a little tight, possibly because he was breech,
follow-up with the G-tube surgeon, although the ped and the nurse said it looks really good,
and the triple-whammy appt. for Josef's 2-year and the twins' 6-month well check.

We have also been interviewing nannies to stay with all these boys when I return to work on August 10th. On the job training will begin Aug 3rd, please pray for her, her day job will be much more challenging than mine.

Overall, it's quite a challenge, but we're extremely happy to have all the kids home. Our key is to find the right balance with Ambrose, the three others, and with ourselves. Once we find our rhythm, then we'll have more peace of mind. We're still in need of prayers and we continue to keep all of you in our prayers. On a side note, we're in the middle of a 54 day Rosary Novena for some spiritual assistance.


  1. Sounds like everything is going GREAT! I really enjoy the photos. I miss you guys but am so happy that I can check the blog and see all of you on here. I miss holding them! They are SO cute!!


  2. The boys look great! I'm thinking of you guys and wishing you the best. Keep up the good work! Tell Ambrose and Charlie that I miss them.

  3. Terri & Becky,

    We miss you guys a bunch! Can't wait for you to see the boys again. Hope to see you soon!