July 06, 2009

Ambrose Post-Op

Ambrose came out of surgery about 11am and returned to the NurseryICU alert and sucking on his pacifier. The surgeon was able to do his circumcision and correct his "outie" belly button while she was at it. He was extubated in the OR and returned to the same oxygen flow as before the operation, so that was a relief. He will resume feeds tomorrow morning, starting out small, but increasing the amount quickly. The doctor says he should be able to come home by the weekend ...we'll see.


  1. GREAT NEWS!! Good job Ambrose!! Way to go!! I am so glad to hear that he is back on Nasal Canula! No Venitlator! Keeping him in our prayers!!
    Nurse Terri

  2. Yay Ambrose! very good news!
    Nicole T.