September 28, 2009


So far Ambrose has been tolerating the changes made in his diet and has figured out how to say "ba" and "ma". His hip procedure is scheduled for next Tuesday, Oct 6.

Charlie is fine and has learned some new tricks: rolling over, raspberries, and can get his toes into his mouth.

John Paul is doing much better now that he is back at school and occupied with big boy activities. Saturday, on the way to his soccer game, he told us "When I take the ball away from the other team, I'm going to say to them 'Say goodbye to the ball!'" He ended up scoring two goals, but forgot to talk trash like he had practiced in the car.

Josef is learning lots and will routinely whip out obscure phrases to repeat at random times, like to Charlie yesterday, "In the name in the hundred acre wood, I capture you!" And he did, too.

Gina spent Sunday being pampered at the spa with Ryan's mom.

And the cold that had been circulating finally caught up to Ryan, but the worst of it seems to be over already.

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  1. Looking good! I praise God for your special gifts and the gift of your sharing with us. I feel closeness to God every time I check in on your blog. What an amazing journey!