September 17, 2009

Spica Procedure

Ambrose will check in at St. Joseph's Hospital at 9am on Wednesday September 23. He will be put under general anesthesia (by the same anesthesiologist as from his g-tube placement surgery) then his orthopedic surgeon will proceed with an arthrogram to check the joint for any irregularities then to the closed (without surgery) reduction procedure which places the head of the femur (ball) into the acetabulum (socket). In order for the joint to heal correctly, Ambrose will be cast in a spica position (flexion, abduction, external rotation & knee flexion) for about 12 weeks.
The spica cast will be pretty cumbersome for diapering, feeding and positioning Ambrose, but we will survive this too. We'll be sure to take his picture and post it once he's outfitted.
Also, a bean bag chair is recommended for positioning spica patients - if anyone has one they want to donate (you won't want it back when we're done with it), we'd be happy to take it off your hands.

Charlie eats rice cereal.


  1. You may be interested in hearing what other spica cast parents say about the CastCooler and how it helps with the many challenges that spica casts present.


  2. did you find a bean bag chair yet? i'm looking at craigslist. i found one for $10. i'll let you know if they still have it. i could pick it up and get it to Myra if you still need it. have myra call me if you still need it. or email me at
    Nicole T.